Diagnose and treat musculoskeletal health
Sparta Science is a simple 60-second scan that identifies how you move and instantly creates an individualized training plan to treat preexisting conditions, reduce future injuries, and optimize your physical health & performance.
A fully integrated solution comprised of user-friendly software and force plate hardware, powered by machine learning and big data of over 1,000,000 scans.
The Sparta System


The Sparta Scan™ assesses movement, balance, and stability to create an individualized Movement Signature™.


The Sparta Software instantly compares an individual's results to our database, identifying strengths and risks of injury.


Individualized training plans are automatically created, targeting specific areas to reduce injury risk and improve physical performance.

Sparta in the Press
“Sparta equips them with actionable insight that they can use in a way that uniquely fits into their overarching training philosophy. The online platform makes the organization and dissemination of athletic information simple so all key people within the organization are aligned.”
“Sparta is a leader in the rapidly emerging sports-science industry that is using machine learning and previously unheard of levels of data about athletes in action to help professional and college teams minimize injuries and maximize player potential.”
“Sparta’s database now includes scans of 800+ NFL players”
“Sparta is using data to prevent and rehab sports injuries”
“Sparta Science’s track record for reducing injuries and optimizing performance across the fields of sport, medicine and the military is second to none.”
Musculoskeletal health problems affect 54% of the population.
46% of lost US workdays are from injuries, which equates to $874 billion in annual direct costs for treatment.
Sparta is the solution for health systems, corporations, and PT clinics.
30% of the military can't deploy due to injury. US Armed Forces lost $1.5 trillion in 2017 from injuries.
Sparta is trusted by elite and conventional military forces.
20% of pro sports payroll is lost to absenteeism.
Sparta is used at top pro, college, high school, and club teams.

Individual readiness belongs to the individual service member. Sparta Science maximizes time on task for fitness...time, the one resource commanders cannot increase or replenish.”

Spider Marks

2 Star Army General, Army Ranger, Intelligence Director, US Army

We can look at different parameters in Sparta and see the profiles that place a person in risk. We have the ability then to put in place a program to appropriately minimize that risk.”

Brian Sennett, MD

MD Head Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania

Having this amount of reliable data, practitioners are able to target deficiencies and validate what they’re seeing with functional movement tests, pushing patients forward at the right pace.”

Dr. Tammara Moore

Founder & Owner, SOL Physical Therapy + Performance Training

They’re sitting on a gold mine. The test itself is one of the hardest tests to be reliable with and they’ve done it. Now there’s predictability for possible injuries.”

Andrea Hudy

Head Coach, Basketball Strength & Conditioning, University of Texas

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