Australian Army - 3rd Brigade

Brigadier Scott Winter

Commander 3rd Brigade 2018-19

Sparta has been the scientific glue that brings together adaptable and dynamic teams of Physical Training Instructors, Clinicians and Commanders. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership as we continue to learn from each other.”

The Problem

Musculoskeletal injuries are an issue that not only impacts the individual soldier's ability to do their job but also impacts the Army's ability to be ready for combat. 3rd Brigade was looking for an innovative way to tackle entire Brigade readiness in an efficient manner while also enabling their staff to use objective data to make evidence based decisions.

The Sparta Solution

Sparta's system quantifies readiness in a way that clearly will lower costs associated with MSK injuries but more importantly make the force more ready. The Sparta scans are a practical and objective which allow soldiers to take ownership in their own fitness journey. Previous assessing required staffing to do it and was subjective. Sparta has eliminated both obstacles. Furthermore, the ability to assess 350 soldiers in 45 minutes shows the practicality in a large military environment. Lieutenant Colonel Sara Molloy, Senior Health Officer of the 3rd Brigade stated: "The 3rd Brigade has always had a ‘ready now’ culture with a strong focus on supporting personnel in their rehabilitation journey. That won’t change, but in order to set the conditions to be ‘future ready’ the 3rd Brigade had to change its approach to physical strength and conditioning. Our partnership with Sparta drives a new culture of injury prevention and performance enhancement; a partnership that brings out the best in everyone.”

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