Old Dominion University

Ryan Martin

Director of Sports Performance, Old Dominion University

Sparta has made our job of developing athletes easier by allowing us to specifically target the weakest link in the chain.”


The Old Dominion Football program suffered a multitude of injuries during the 2015 season. In need of change, ODU partnered with us in need of objective ways to quantify athlete injury risk. With a high athlete-coach ratio, their staff needed something that could be done quickly and frequently throughout the winter blocks as well as in-season. “Through a self-assessment of our program, we found that over an eight year period roughly 30% of our injuries (required missed time to rehab) were soft tissue in nature for the skill position group. For our assessment, soft tissue injuries were defined as a muscle strain to the hip flexor/quadriceps/groin/calf or hamstring.” – Ryan Martin Director of Sports Performance

Sparta Solution

Sparta’s aggregated and anonymous force plate database (from all Sparta partners) allowed ODU to assess injury risk on day 1.  The simplicity of the 90-second assessments was ideal for a smaller sized staff to quickly decipher the results and take immediate action on a large team. Ryan Martin, Director of Football Performance, explains that Sparta has not only shown “substantial improvement to our athletes signatures, but it also produced outcomes our staff did not foresee. In the first seven months we have had zero soft tissue injuries for the skill guys.”

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