Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii

Andrew Takata

Director of Athletic Training at Performance Rehab Ortho, an affiliate of Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii

We are seeing benefits from all our patients - everyone across the board, whether recovering from an injury or just trying to improve overall performance. It's the future of training and rehab. ”

The Problem

Most post-surgery rehabilitation programs follow the standardized protocol of “6-weeks” to recovery. Orthopedics Associates of Hawaii came to Sparta in search of an objective and individualized assessment tool to take them to the next level.

Through the Sparta Scan (Balance, Plank, Jump), their patients are given a personalized plan to help return from injury. Monitoring patients regularly not only speeds up the rehab process, but it also increases patient retention, engagement, and overall performance.

The Sparta Solution

Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii is using the Sparta System as a way to objectively assess patients using data - determining their strengths and weakness, and what type of injuries they may be at risk for. Backed by data and scientifically validated, the Sparta System gives an optimized plan on a mobile app that is tailored to each individual to maximize time and efficiency when training in their facility. No longer are patients bound to subjective, time-based recovery protocols - instead, patients move at their own pace, based on the progress they've made.

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