Talent ID program

Australian Rugby Union

Sports Performance Department

After using Sparta now for 3 years, the big picture tells us we have maintained an on-field training compliance above 90% for the past two seasons and reduced injuries to a record low.”

The Problem

Both the Australian Rugby Union and the Indian Cricket Board suffer from the same problem; with their countries covering such large geographic areas, it is hard to keep track and monitor prospects within their player-pools that have the potential to play at the highest national level. Large organizations also often suffer from the issue of a large group of diverse staff that can all have different philosophies.

The Sparta Solution

Sparta Science has implemented a “hub and spoke” model, within these organizations, where the Sparta System is used throughout the country to regularly scan Players of National Interest (PONI). This allows the centralized ‘hub’ to monitor each player’s readiness, movement efficiency, and risk of injury.

The data collected for each athlete is measured identically and objectively, allowing everyone within the organization to speak a common language. With the use of Sparta Science, everybody can now easily see how each individual player is moving, their risk of injury, and develop their talent safely over time. This ultimately prepares each player to be ready and available for selection when called upon.

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