University of Kansas

Bill Self

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Kansas

With Sparta, we can address those needs and really keep our guys on the floor”


In August 2012, the University of Kansas came to us to help them continue their tradition of athletic excellence. Their strength coaches were looking for an objective way to prescribe specific, individual exercises to the athletes in their programs. They were also looking for a way to monitor teams during the season and accurately gauge the levels of fatigue their athletes were experiencing so they could adjust their workouts to ensure optimum competition performance.

Sparta Solution

After only a few weeks, Dr. Phil Wagner flew out to Kansas for the installation of the Sparta Platform. The Sparta set-up only requires a few hours, so Kansas was in full use by the end of the day, just in time for the first preseason game. During that visit, Phil explained the concept of the Movement Signature™, specifically revealing the prescriptions (exercises, weights, reps, etc.) that have proven effective in thousands of force plate scans from elite athletes all over the world. The large database of scans, injuries, and movement trajectories have allowed Kansas strength coaches to create unique pre-game/training warm-ups, as well as different exercise prescriptions to improve each athlete’s Movement Signature™.

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