University of Pennsylvania

Jim Steel

Associate Director of Sports Performance, University of Pennsylvania

It takes us into the next realm of training.”


The #1 goal for the University of Pennsylvania Athletic department is improving the health and wellness of their athletes. In order to do this, the strength and conditioning staff was looking for a way to eliminate the “guess work” in the weight room by identifying an athlete’s weak link. Assistant A.D. Eric Laudano was striving to separate Penn from other universities by implementing this pioneering technology. Sparta provides a platform to decrease injuries as well as increase performance in order to bring home more championships.

Sparta Solution

The Sparta Platform allows the Penn coaches to immediately identify an athletes deficiencies. The staff is then equip to provide individualized training to address the variables putting the athlete at risk. Sparta provides a clear message so the coaching staff, athletes, sports medicine, and administration can all speak the same language. This transparency allows Penn Athletics to truly live by their tagline “Science and Safety for Success”.  

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