University of San Francisco

Doug Padron

Associate Athletic Director, University of San Francisco

Medical costs that we had associated with our athletic department were over $400,000 per year. After putting Sparta in place, we actually now average $80,000 per year in pure medical costs.”


When the University of San Francisco was starting its’ new sports performance department they needed a way to connect all the coaches and sports medicine staff. With the goal of creating a unifying philosophy and communication system, the Sparta Platform was installed in February 2012. As a mid-major university in the competitive Bay Area, they also needed a clear advantage in the recruiting process. Sparta provides a tangible way for USF to aide in the holistic development of all of their student-athletes.

Sparta Solution

The Sparta Platform is used by all of the sports medicine department as their exclusive injury reporting/tracking system. While it provides some similar benefits to other programs used by NCAA Athletic Trainers, the advantage is a greater level of communication within the department, specifically allowing strength and sport coaches to immediately see injuries and subsequent restrictions for workouts and practices. The software has also helped USF performance coaches  transition from relying on Microsoft® Excel to a completely paperless system to write programs for access by all USF athletes. Since using Sparta, Associate Athletic Director Doug Padron says “Our medical costs have plummeted over the last 3 years; as a result our athletic insurance premium renewal decreased to the tune of 5 figures.”

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