Unlock Training and Performance

Chad Arceneaux, LAT, ATC, CAFS, HSSCS

Licensed Athletic Trainer and Owner

“Sparta allows us to quickly assess where a player is losing power so we can program a targeted individualized workout to unlock the players potential quickly. I've never seen anything impact an athletes performance as fast as Sparta in my 18 year career!””

UnLock Training

UnLock Training and Performance integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions for both youth and adult athletes, with a focus on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery.

UnLock performance experts provide athletic clients with a complete Health and Performance Assessment using Sparta Scan software and force plate technology. Each client receives a Sparta Score with unique Movement Signature, including an explanation of their strengths and weakness and Load, Explode, and Drive variables. UnLock performance experts can then prescribe corrective exercises and personalized weight-room programs based on the client's Sparta Scan. UnLock is using Sparta Scan data to improve each athletes' potential as they progress through their training programs before, during and after the season, helping them improve not only strength and force production but also resilience and musculoskeletal health and longevity for their athletic career.

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