How it works


The Sparta Scan™ assesses movement, balance, and stability to create an individualized Movement Signature™.


The Sparta Software instantly compares an individual's results to our database, identifying strengths and risks of injury.


Individualized training plans are automatically created, targeting specific areas to reduce injury risk and improve physical performance.

The Sparta Scans
A scientific suite of assessments that identify an individual's unique movement qualities.
The Balance Scan evaluates an individual's static stability on each side, and determines the risk of injury along with the ability to progress through rehabilitation.
The Plank Scan evaluates an individual's upper body stability in a plank position, and determines the risk of injury as well as the ability to progress through rehabilitation.
The Jump Scan evaluates an individual's force production during vertical jump. This translates to the ability to generate, transfer, and express force over time.
  • Database of over 1,000,000 scans
  • Powered by AI and Machine Learning
  • Monitor progress and compliance
  • Includes a mobile coaching app
  • Advanced force plate technology
  • Measures ground reaction forces
  • Can be portable, or in a fixed installation
  • FDA approved
  • A user-friendly mobile coaching app
  • Video tutorials ensure each movement is performed correctly
  • Research-backed tech progresses training based
    on the individual, not on a set time
  • Increased accountability with sessions logged on dashboard