A unique Plan based on your training history and movement patterning.

Auto Adjustments

Smart tech that progresses your training over time.

Train Anywhere

Log in remotely and keep track of your sessions.

Increase Accountability

Sessions are logged and can be viewed through the Dashboard.

Merit Based

Your training adjusts based on your progress, not based on a set time.

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to perform each movement correctly.

Safe Progressions
No need for 1RMs or guessing appropriate weights for each person. Planning uses loading based on an individualʼs weight to select more appropriate loads and progressions.
Set Timer
The most undervalued variable in training is time. One of Planningʼs key feature differentiators is the use of set timers to regulate rest and therefore get better, more targeted adaptations.
Planning Dashboard
Monitor progress, compliance, and make sure everyone in the organization is getting the best plan for their individual needs.