A unique Plan based on your training history and movement patterning, selects individual loads and progressions.

Big Data

Our planning is based on data from 1,000,000+ Scans and injuries with Machine Learning.

Train Anywhere

Log in remotely and keep track of your sessions.

Increase Accountability

Sessions are logged and can be viewed through the Dashboard.

Merit Based

Research backed tech progresses training based on your level, not based on a set time.

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to perform each movement correctly.

Planning Dashboard
Monitor progress, compliance, and make sure everyone in the organization is getting the best plan for their individual needs.
Medical Publications
Published articles on the validity and effectiveness of our Planning
Improving vertical jump profiles through prescribed movement plans

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Countermovement jump height: gender and sport-specific differences in the force-time variables

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Prediction of lower extremity injuries from vertical jump kinetic data in collegiate athletes

Pontillo, M., Hines, S., Krochak, R., & Sennett, B. (2019). Prediction of Lower Extremity Injuries from Vertical Jump Kinetic Data in Collegiate Athletes. Accepted for Poster Presentation at American College of Sports Medicine Conference 2019.


“With Sparta, as an athlete, you know your strength coach has your best interest at heart - they're going to adapt your workouts for what you need today! So the educational piece becomes about the individualization of the Planning.”
Ali Kershner, Assistant Sports Performance Coach, Kansas University

Case Studies

University of San Francisco

Penn Athletics

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