Dr. Ted Leland Talks Sparta at the Sports Biometrics Conference

By Sparta Science

November 21, 2018

When former Athletic Director Dr. Ted Leland integrated the Sparta Science platform into UOP’s training system, his collegiate athletic program transformed into a data-rich human performance powerhouse. And on Thursday Nov. 29th at 2:55 PM PST, Dr. Ted Leland will be returning to the Bay Area to give a talk at the Sports Biometrics Conference. His talk, entitled “A view from the top: Fine Tuning Your Athletic Department into High Performing Teams Using Smarter Data,” will deliver insights on the value of Sparta’s accountability metrics and ability to drive evidence-based decisions across collegiate sports organizations.

“Many of us in athletics are driven by doing what we did, teaching the way we were taught, coaching the way we were coached, and I felt like Sparta gives us a whole different way to look at it.” - Dr. Ted Leland

Sparta will also be exhibiting our force plate technology and providing injury analysis scans throughout the duration of the Sports Biometrics Conference from Nov. 27th to Nov. 29th. Check us out at Booth #4 for a free Sparta Scan™ - you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Take advantage of this opportunity by shooting us an email at events@spartascience.com to schedule your Sparta Scan™. We’d love to meet you while you’re in the Bay Area!

Can’t make Dr. Leland’s talk? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you the video recording of the presentation later.

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