Evidence Based Training - What Are You Measuring?


June 29, 2008

jan13-101"What gets measured gets managed" - Peter Drucker

Sparta’s mission statement at headquarters is “Built on a foundation of science, passionate coaches, technology, and above all, relationships, we develop individualized training, nutrition, and recovery programs that create an intense environment for healthier, stronger, more mentally tough athletes.” In order to pursue our mission, we always come back to the use of objective measurements to quantify the effectiveness of everything that we do. This requires a simple approach (eliminating excess variables) to achieving clearly defined goals; what we call metrics.

The overarching metric for everything that we do is tracking movement signatureTM changes. We use targeted prescriptions in three distinct areas, Strength, Skills, and Regen in order to elicit specific adaptations to each athletes movement signatureTM. This method of prescription and tracking is the foundation of Evidence Based Training.

Software Solutions

triangle_hi-resThe force plate is the key tool that allows us to objectively measure the effectiveness of our prescriptions. But, for a long time we were limited in our ability to track what we were actually doing. Between the hassle of complex Excel spreadsheets, and the human element of writing down weights, skill PR's and regen performance there was just too much room for error. Because of our core belief in the importance of measurement and tracking, we have spent the last two years developing software solutions that allow coaches and athletes to gain better, more reliable insight into their training. The result is our SpartaTRAC software and App.

Tracking Regen

Regen Goals

Tracking regen is the starting point for accountability as an athlete. Performing at the highest level goes so far beyond just training and practice. Our regen scale allows us to identify the areas where athletes can make the most impactful improvements. This is then the starting point for education and tactics that help them to become a 24/7 athlete.

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