Protecting Your Investment with the Sparta System

By Sparta Science

March 6, 2019

As you know, Manny Machado just signed the largest free agent deal in history.

Now, the only thing that he and the Padres (Sparta partner) should be concerned with is keeping him healthy. The Padres have in their possession the best tool to monitor the health and performance of all their key investments: Sparta’s AI force technology (injury prediction software and database paired force hardware).

At Sparta, our motto is “The best ability is availability” meaning if the best athletes are continuously getting injured then they are going to be unable to help the team win, and be a money drain for the organization. The biggest concern for every team is keeping their guys on the field all year long, and they use everything possible in order to accomplish this. What separates Sparta from the pack is our ability to peek inside athlete’s and how they move athletically, which informs us of their injury risk and what location the injury is most likely to occur.


All this information can be available to coaches in 60 seconds, so implementing the Scan into a normal baseball schedule is not difficult.

Take a look at the Sparta Scans below of one of our major league pitchers who trained at Sparta over the off-season. This type of improvement and monitoring is possible with every athlete who has access to our Sparta software and technology:

If you would like to know more about how we can help protect your investments or improve your player's availability on the field, feel free to reach out to our Sparta Coach, David:

Request a Sparta Training Ground free try out session to get your athletes scanned



David Diaz joined Sparta in 2017, coming straight from the St. Louis Cardinals as a minor league strength and conditioning coach. Graduating from the University of Louisville with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Exercise Physiology, David brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to Sparta Training Ground. 


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