Year in Review: The Top 5 Articles of 2018

By Sparta Science

January 11, 2019

The new year presents an opportune time to make adjustments, and improve for the better - but also reflect back on what happened over the past year. As a follow up to last year’s top articles of 2017, we wanted to put up the five most popular Sparta Science blogs of 2018. Sparta Science has been putting out informative blogs since 2008 with one goal in mind - provide the most current, and up to date information in optimizing human performance. We sincerely hope that you enjoy these articles, because they are inspired by our everyday interactions with those seeking advancement, no matter the field. Without further ado, here are the top 5 articles of 2018 in no particular order:

Sparta 101: Load, Explode, and Drive

Because Sparta has been around for so long, those a bit newer to our blog often have many questions around our company and technology. The different assessments we implement and terminology we use (while simple on the surface) are a result of the research, testing, data collection, discussions, experience, and knowledge from countless individuals over the years. Read more >

Why Strength and Conditioning was Better off 10 Years Ago

Just as it is important for strength coaches and sports medicine to align, the strength and conditioning industry itself must align in order to improve the industry as a whole. Relationships, trust, and coaching all matter. While younger coaches may have in-depth knowledge of the latest scientific evidence and research, experience cannot be achieved from simply reading an article. There is far more to learn from an experienced coach than there is from any textbook or research paper. Read more >

Movement: The Fastest Way to Recover

Today, elite athletes and fitness advocates are having success moving the day after serious trauma to the body. Controlled range of motion (ROM), or isometrics with gradual progressions are speeding up recovery at rapid rates. It is important to remember movement or training in general, doesn’t always have to mean heavy squats and plyometrics to illicit a desired effect. Active (and even some passive) movement will expedite the body’s natural healing process. As smart as we are… the human body is smarter. Read more >

Improving Drive: the forgotten piece of the puzzle!

Because it is not as simple as “strength”, Drive is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle… but without it we are unable to maximize efficiency and utilize strength. So it is true: “you are only as strong as your weakest link.” Not only will this keep your athletes in a balanced training state, which will reduce risk of injury, it could possibly limit their previous weaknesses in their sport, creating a better product on the field. Read more >

Vertical Jump Protocol: To Arm Swing, or Not to Arm Swing?

Sparta utilizes the vertical jump as one of our key assessments when evaluating movement, and in turn are often asked to answer these questions for current and potential partners. A recent discussion on social media sparked a more public conversation on the potential use of arm swing in jump testing. So, should we utilize arm swing, or not? Read more >

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